Who We Are

Lettuce Live Well is a 501 c3 public charity dedicated to helping people with their health and wellness goals.  We believe in providing unbiased information with continued support as you achieve and surpass your  fitness, nutrition, and spiritual goals.   Please check out our site for recipes, local support, wellness articles, and nutritional counselors all here to support you!

What We Do:

A primary focus of LLW is to bridge gaps between individuals, community programs and local business resources available to the public. There are a number of nutritional programs currently in place throughout the country; however, their benefits remain largely untapped because the general public is unaware of their existence. In order to help alleviate this issue, LLW has created a platform that can be used as a marketing tool for community-based programs in order to increase awareness and participation.

Beyond drawing attention to preexisting programs, LLW also seeks to create programming where needed. To fill the current deficits, we will provide resources to promote unbiased nutritional education, metaphysical wellbeing, and community building. As nutritional education is not available in all schools or households throughout the nation, we will offer these services free of charge in order to help people make informed decisions about the foods that they put in their bodies. To this end, our website is designed as an easily accessible source of information for those who wish to gain knowledge on health and nutrition. Site visitors will have opportunities to ask health professionals questions about food and fitness as well as have access to recipe ideas and educational material on dietary supplements.

Another need that we seek to fill through our company is community building.  A sense of belonging is an innate part of human nature and very important to social balance.  As humans, we strive to be a part of groups, families, and organizations.  We feel that by providing a common goal, we can strengthen these bonds and harness the power of community for the benefit of each individual.  To this end, we launched an area wide weight loss initiative in 2015 that encourages people to improve their lives through nutrition and fitness. As individuals and organizations become part of our health initiative, they build a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition that provides a sense of accountability and fellowship to every participant.

Why We Are Doing It:

Although there are many programs to help support people in living healthier lives, there is yet to be a comprehensive, impartial source of information that allows people to be in control of the  support they receive. Our non-profit nature allows us to remain unbiased and to provide our services free of charge without any obligation to purchase or participate in anything. Each person is unique, and our programs afford a great deal of flexibility and personalization to meet each individual wherever they stand.   Changing habits is not a 90 day project; it is a lifelong journey that starts with a step, and we are here to help support people by giving them to tools to live stronger, healthier, happier lives.


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